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Impact Aid provides money for schools when government land is taken off of our tax roll. While some areas have military bases or government land, our area is generally for land or properties within the Cherokee Nation. These include tribal housing, government workers, Cherokee Nation employees, or military personnel. Impact Aid also provides money based on parents that have government jobs or work in government facilities.  

Accurate completion of this survey is always important to Grand View School funding. We are trying to save money for our building fund. That prepares us for future construction projects.   Remember, forms we send home allow us to qualify for extra funding. They also allow us to be eligible for other big grants. And the information is always kept  confidential and used for reporting purposes only. This is how Grand View provides your children with projects, programs and opportunities that other schools in our region simply can't offer.  Please return an Impact Aid survey form for each of your children, on or before, Friday, September 30th.