Grand View School wants to help parents, staff and the community prepare for any changes to the school schedule that might occur as a result of inclement weather.

The superintendent uses information obtained from weather forecasts and district personnel about road conditions when determining whether the school should be canceled or delayed due to snow, ice or other severe weather.

Decisions about delaying or canceling school as a result of inclement weather or even the threat of inclement weather are never easy. However, we always air on the side of caution to keep our students and employees safe.

Information about school cancellations, delays, and early dismissals will be posted to the district website at Additionally, the GVS Information Office will contact students and staff via the ROBO Call notification system with an appropriate message. Information also will be posted to GVS social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) and shared with local media outlets (Radio Station 102.1 FM, Television Channels KJRH 2, KOTV 6, KTUL 8, CW 19 and FOX 23.)

Please keep in mind that no announcement means school is operating on a normal schedule. However, when the school must be dismissed early or is closed, parents should make arrangements for childcare, as the after-school and before-school programs will not operate that day.

In order to comply with state law, students are required to make up days missed when school is canceled. The superintendent may elect to adjust the schedule following a missed school day rather than using one of the scheduled make-up days that are designated on the academic calendar for the current school year.