Student Safety

As you've heard us say, the safety of all Grand View students is our #1 priority. 

Safety is the focus of this notification too.

Please realize that end-of-day AND after-school pick-up process can be a safety concern IF procedures aren't followed.

For the safety and efficiency of our pick-up process, it is important that everyone remember a few important points:

a) We never release a child to unauthorized individuals.

b) We only release students to individuals registered to pick-up a specific child. 

c) Parents must call by 2:15 for end-of-day changes and 4:30 for after-school pick-up changes. 

To add names for your child’s approved pick-up list, you must stop by the school in-person. Please provide the name and phone number of the new pick-up contact. Limit your pick-up authorization list to 6 individuals for consistency and tracking purposes. Let your approved individuals know that they are required to show a photo ID if they are unfamiliar to our front office staff. 

Remember that riding the bus every day insures that your child arrives home safely and at a consistent time. This is especially important with darkness coming earlier as fall and winter set in. Lastly, if your child rides the after-school program bus, an approved adult needs to wait for the child at the designated drop-off points. 

Thank you for helping us keep our students safe.