Fall is finally here.  Please take time to carefully read these important notes about upcoming events:

NO SCHOOL October 14 and October 17-18 (Fall Break). NO AFTER-SCHOOL during that entire week

HALLOWEEN will be observed on Thursday, October 31. We have students of all ages at our school. We also have students that will be representing Grand View on field trips so please follow these rules:

  1.  Students may wear costumes to school. Students wearing costumes portraying a book character or Superhero (no villains) will receive a free book from the library. Costumes NOT ALLOWED include those portraying; violence, blood/gore, weapons (knives, swords, guns, light sabers, death stars, etc.) or scary characters (witches, demons, etc.). Parents will be called to bring other clothing for costumes that do not follow these guidelines. Masks cannot be worn during school due to safety guidelines.  Please apply any necessary makeup at home. Costumes must allow for students to be able to attend to bathroom needs by themselves. Select age-appropriate costumes.

  2. Please remember that this is a school day and students should be able to participate in all regular school activities while wearing their costume. Also, the costume should be able to withstand recess and PE activities. Save any fragile costumes for your activities at home. 

  3. A concession will be available for students wanting to purchase snacks. Please do not send food.

We look forward to a fun day with creative costumes, concession and new books.