Coach Mac talking to the team.

The Grand View Chargers varsity and junior varsity football teams have been practicing in some hot weather and are ready for the season to start. We spent a few minutes asking some questions of the new head coach Ryan McCurry, who goes by Coach Mac. 

When will the first football game be? Coach Mac replied “September 3rd against Allen Bowden is our first scrimmage and our first game is September 10th at Justis Tiawah.” Thursday, September 12th the teams host Peggs at Tahlequah Middle School. This will be the home opener for both squads.

How well do you think the junior varsity and varsity football teams will be this year? Coach Mac said, “they will play really well and it depends on how hard they practice.  Also how bad they ‘wanna’ play and how fast they pick up on offense and defense.

How successful do you think the team will be this year? Coach Mac answered, “It all depends on how bad the football boys want to win and how hard they want to practice.” 

Good luck Chargers!