Coach Harkreader teaching students a game.

Grand View School has several new staff members, one of them is Coach Harkreader. We decided to ask him a few questions about his time here at Grand View School. What it is like being a physical educator? He replied, “it’s very hard because I have to keep my body fit, my mind fit, and I have to do all that while being a parent of three children.” He said he got into the education field because, “I wanted to inspire young kids.” He worked at Choctaw last year.  He wanted to come to Grand View because he heard really good things about it when he was at Northeastern State University. How would you make Grand View a better place? He commented, “I will come to work everyday with a smile on my face and a lot of energy and passion.” His first teaching job was in Oklahoma City as a first grade teacher. How do you like it at Grand View? He answered, ”so far I love Grand View, but there are a few changes I’m getting used to, but they're all good.”  We’re sure that he can help inspire a passion of physical activities at Grand View school this year.