Summer School

*Updated 5-25-21

Charger Challenge Camp starts on Tuesday, June 1st  and ends June 24th. We will be in session Monday through Thursday from 8:00-3:00. The doors will open at 7:30 when breakfast will be served. Students can be dropped off at the parent line north of the school (not the gravel lot).  Students will enter the front door of the building to go to the cafeteria.  Students can be picked up at the Early Childhood Building at the end of the day after buses have loaded.  Parents can refer to the bus schedule to determine the pick up time for your students' bus stop in the morning. Buses will leave school at 3:00 in the afternoon and run the routes in reverse order of the morning. The bus schedule can be found on the school website under Summer School. The dress code and behavior expectations will be the same as during the school year. Open-toed shoes and flip flops are not to be worn. Masks will be required while inside buildings on the Grand View campus. 

Grand View School will hold In-person Summer School this year, June 1-24, Mondays-Thursdays for all current Grand View students in K-8th grade (the grade they will be entering for the upcoming school year 2021-2022).  Breakfast will be served at 7:30 a.m. and classes begin at 8:00 am.  The school day will end at 3:00 pm. Buses will be provided daily at parent pickup locations.  Reading and Math will be the focus subject areas for morning sessions. Sports, games and fun-based learning activities will be offered for the afternoon sessions, but students must attend the morning academic sessions to participate in the afternoon activities.  Weekly special events will be offered every Thursday, but students must be in attendance on the other days to be eligible to participate in those special events.

Bus pickup locations and other information regarding Summer School are attached.

2021-2022 Grand View School student pre-enrollment  must be entirely completed before your student will be approved to attend Summer School.

2021 Summer School App in English

2021 Summer School App in Spanish