Covid Notification

We want to notify you that we have two middle school class cohorts that will be required to quarantine due to positive COVID test results. Quarantine for a cohort means that only a select group of students will stay home. They are not to go out in public until the quarantine period has expired. Grand View will only call those families that have students that are required to quarantine. All other students are expected to attend school as normal. 

Ms. Prag's homeroom (5-2) class will be quarantined.

Mr. Robert's homeroom (6-1) class will be quarantined too.

Both cohort sections will be allowed to return to school on Monday, November  16th.
Students are expected to complete lessons online each day using by logging into Google Classroom.
Parents are encouraged to carefully watch for COVID symptoms for students in the 5-2 and 6-1 class cohorts. Please request COVID testing only if symptoms develop. If your child tests positive we ask that you notify the School Health Aide, Mrs. Ladona Walls at 918-456-5131 extension 505. 

Siblings of students in these classes are not required to stay home. They are considered secondary exposure. It is the parent's prerogative should they want to keep siblings home. If you elect to quarantine your other children, please notify the school. These students should also participate daily via Google Classroom.  

Lastly, your child's safety is always our first concern. This quarantine situation has given us a new seating strategy. We will use the same seating chart for every classroom a cohort enters. Implementation of this model will begin immediately. Ideally this plan will allow us to identify only those that sit in the immediate area of a particular student. This enables us to quarantine only those students that sit adjacent to a child with the positive COVID diagnosis. 

Thank you for supporting our COVID safety initiatives and remember; weekly symptom screenings, daily temp checks, masks always, social distance when possible and wash hands frequently to reduce the transmission of the COVID virus.