Oklahoma Blood Institute needs our help! The need for convalescent plasma for COVID-19 patients is critical. If you or someone you know has recovered from COVID-19, please donate now to save a life. Oklahoma Blood Institute has a Tahlequah Community Drive on Wednesday, September 9th @ the First United Methodist Church-Tahlequah from 12-6pm in the Church Atrium. If interested in donating convalescent plasma please note this donation location, when emailing the below linked.

*If you donated blood at the August 20th, drive you will be eligible to donate convalescent plasma (must have positive results from prior donations).


Email results to results@bio-linked.org

When emailing, Donor needs to provide:

    1. Documentation of positive test result
    2. Name
    3. Date of birth
    4. Mobile location they want to donate at –Tulsa Center
    5. Phone number
    6. Date of last symptoms
    7. If female: if they’ve ever been pregnant (if so, date of last pregnancy)