Learning Packets and Grab-and-Go Meal pickup

Learning Packets and Grab-and-Go Meal pickup:

Grand View School 

Monday, April 6 

12:00 - 6:00

Learning Packets for the Grand View Distance Learning Partnership will be distributed at Grand View School only. This will be Monday, April 6 beginning at 12:00 PM and ending at 6:00. This is only for Grand View students signed up for the take-home Learning Packet model. This pickup is NOT for students using the Online Learning model. 

The distribution model for the Learning Packets will align with a new Grab-and-Go meal pickup model. Starting on Monday, April 6 at noon we will hand out Learning Packets. We will also hand out an entire week of meals  for each child. Bags or boxes of 10 meals will be made available at the drive-up awning located by the cafeteria loading dock. These meals are available for any children 0-18. It will not matter whether the student is using the Online Learning model or the Learning Packet mode. 

To accommodate the complexity of 10 meals being delivered at a single pickup we have had to adjust the schedule to begin at noon and only be in one location. This change allows our child nutrition staff to receive Monday morning grocery deliveries from our supplier and then have time to prepare the meal kits. Therefore it is Monday only, and there will no longer be a meal pick up at any other location. Fortunately, this system enables teachers to hand out the Learning Packets at the same time and in the same location. 

The meal pick up model has worked smoothly, but please remember: 

  • Follow CDC social-distancing guidelines for families by remaining in your car at all times.

  • Grand View staff will bring the meals to your car where they will identify children being served.

  • Preferably, children need to be in the car with their families. 

  • Enter the Southwest gate by the Early Learning Center. Pull up to the awning next to the cafeteria loading dock and let the Child Nutrition rep know how many meal kits you need for your children.

  • After loading meals and learning packets (if applicable), you may exit the Southeast gate.   

The Learning Packet pickup will work in conjunction with the Grab-and-Go meal pickup. You will get in the same line. Please remember:

  • Like the meals, we want to minimize the physical points of contact in our process.

  • If there is a line a teacher may step out to each car in line. They will ask you the name and grades of your children. 

  • The teacher working the line will relay that information back to a teacher under the awning. That teacher will then gather the packets for your child from the crates their teachers created. 

  • If your child is doing the Online Learning model, please let the teacher know that you only need to pick up meals. 

  • If you have been instructed by a teacher to ask for a particular, a different, or an extra Learning Packet, please let the teacher know so that the additional packet can quickly be located. 

  • Paper packets are a one way process. No paperwork will be returned. 

  • We will ask that at the end of the year (May 8) you please complete the Parent Signature Sheet found in their Learning Packet. You may take a picture of the signed sheet and email it back to your child’s teacher, mail a copy to school, or elect to do a short online survey to validate the work the child completed.

  • All grades will be based on your child’s grades as of March 12. 

  • No grades will drop as a result of any Distance Learning coursework. 

  • March 12 grades will serve as final grades. If  you or your child want the Distance Learning work to be calculated to improve their grade, please contact the teacher to determine how this work can be credited. 

  • Packets for weeks 2-5 will be available during the April 13 pickup time. 

  • A book giveaway will also be scheduled on another Monday in April. 

  • Some school supplies (crayons, paper, spiral notebooks, etc.) will also be available with the Learning Packets. These may be available beginning April 6. 

Please remember that Mondays will be the only pick-up day for Grab-and-Go meals and for the Learning Packets.  

Also remember that Grand View School and related outdoor facilities will be closed until further notice.