Grand View Student News

This year we have had some changes in the administration. Former superintendent Ed Kennedy retired this past year. Now we have Dr. Larry Ben as our new superintendent. Terry Holland, former counselor, has become our new principal. Shawn Cox former elementary principal has taken the spot of Doug Thomas,  and he is our new operations manager. Doug Thomas is now the vice principal.

 I asked them some questions about their job. I asked Dr Larry Ben if he likes his new job and his reply was “Yes! I'm the luckiest person in the world.” I also asked what are some things that have changed or you would like to change? His reply was “For the last three school years COVID has disrupted and impacted our schedules, activities, and classes. I’m hopeful that this year we can focus on being a united school with renewed attention to academic priorities and school spirit” 

Then I asked Terri Holland If you could work at any other job what would it be? Her reply,  “ Even though I have had a couple of other professional careers, I am drawn back to education.  Education is a career where I feel I can be a positive influence.” Then I asked, what was your job before this?  Her reply was, “Last year was my first year at Grand View, and I served as the middle school counselor.  Previously, I was out of education for six years.  During that time, I was the TSET Healthy Living Coordinator for Craig County, Prevention Specialist for Ottawa, Nowata, and  Washington counties." Then I asked Doug Thomas how long have you been in education? His response was, “This is my 22nd year in education and my 20th year at Grand VIew” Then I asked, do you like your new job? His response was, “I do like my new job,  I'm able to interact with more students and teachers across the campus."