What Parents Need To Know About Virtual Days (online learning)

What parents need to know… about upcoming Virtual Days (online learning)

First, everyone needs to know that we are using two types of online learning over the next few weeks;  synchronous & asynchronous learning

A long-term closure, whether for COVID or illness, will likely require a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning. That is why we have a total of 5 virtual (online) learning days on our calendar in October.  

Synchronous and Asynchronous are unfamiliar words that need to be defined to describe our learning models.  

Synchronous: all types of learning in which students and the teacher are in the same place, at the same time, even if that same place is online. Online Synchronous learning will take place on October 2, 12 and 14.

Asynchronous: student-centered online learning modules which students complete at their own pace. Teachers set up a learning path by posting materials in advance. Students then complete the lesson using a schedule that is convenient to their time and learning style. Online Asynchronous learning is scheduled for October 13 and 15.

Now let’s look at these upcoming virtual days…. -

October 12 - 15 = Virtual Days

Synchronous (SV-Days) = October 12 & 14

Asynchronous (AV-Days) = October 13 & 15)

  • Monday and Wednesday (October 12 & 14) will be online SV-Days. This instruction is for all students in grades 3-8 and will use the same class schedule as October 2. Grades EC-2nd will have their distance learning packets as normal. 

  • Important - Monday, October 12 We will have a New Library Book Giveaway for every child. And as we normally do on Monday’s we will offer our free-meal distribution. A week’s worth of Breakfasts and lunches will be provided for every student from 11:00-6:00. To help with our food order it is important that you contact your child’s teacher to tell them if you want to pick up meals for that week.  

  • Tuesday & Thursday (October 13 & October 15) will be online AV-Days for all students.Teachers will have lessons for these days posted in advance (asynchronous). Students will complete these on a learning schedule that is set by the parents. Teachers will be available online to support AV-Day learning on both Tuesday and Thursday. And since this is asynchronous learning, students are encouraged to get online as early as October 12 and begin working on any posted lessons.

  • Important - Thursday (October 15) the campus will be open from 8:00-12:00 for students that are our Virtual and Distance Learning Students. This is the day to get these students on campus for school pictures, technology help, and to collect forms and information from our virtual & distance learner families. 

    • School pictures - park in the lot near the gym. Students will enter the gym lobby and come into the gym. Staff will socially-distance them until it is their turn with the photographer. They will then be escorted out the side door to the waiting parent’s vehicle.

    • Technology support - If you or your student are having technology issues or have questions, Mr. Perry and Ms. Salazar will be available in the cafeteria. Please bring your Chromebook and Hotspot (if applicable). 

    • District forms and surveys - School funding is based on state and federal forms that we have to complete. This information is confidential. It is only used for our reporting. If you have forms that must be completed, we will notify you. Those forms may be returned to Mrs. Sellers and Mrs. Busch. They will be in room #ES-07 (Ms. Glory’s classroom by the main entrance). 

    • Masks and social-distancing - Please remember that it is the policy of the Grand View School Board that all students, staff and guests wear masks and socially-distance while on our campus. 

Summary -  The intent is to practice synchronous and asynchronous learning. This gets parents used to supporting their student’s learning and helping their child develop a learning schedule. 

Finally, we thank you for committing to these important days of virtual instruction. This extra experience will better prepare all of our students and staff in the event of a long-term school closure. And again, thank you for following our COVID safety procedures. Grand View continues to set a good example for other schools in our region.