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Citation Helps

  • Easy Bib-format citations in MLA, APA and Chicago for your bibliography                                (Works Cited)


  • EBSCO-User name:  GrandviewOK-----------Password: Chargers
  •  Britannica-safe, up-to-date and age appropriate information-User Name grandview and password----chargers


  • Almanac-weather, astronomy, calendar, advice.
  • Infotopia-arts, biography, games, history, images, languages, literature, math, reference, science, tech, social studies
  • Library of Congress-primary sources, speeches, audio files, digital files, images, historic documents.
  • Occupational Outlook-career and job descriptions with info on pay, geographical areas and training needed.
  • Oklahoma Law-find laws and pending bills in the Oklahoma Legislature; contact your legislator
  • PBS-Public Broadcasting Service-science, social studies, language, art
  • Wolfram Alpha-learn how to do any math problem; science, money, words, art, etc.

Persuasive Essay Help

  • for information for controversial issu


Copyright LAW-what is copyrighted and what does that mean?
Plagiarism Checker-upload your paper and it will check for plagiarism.
Plagiarism Quiz-take short quiz to see if you know what constitutes plagiarism

Speeches-historic, movie, religious, etc.


Thesis Generator


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