5th - 8th Grades

2016-17 Grand View Basketball Schedule

Date Grade Where Opponent Time
October 25-27  7th-8th Away Norwood Festival TBA
October 31-November 4 5th-6th Away Lowrey Tournament TBA
November 8 5th-8th Home  Tenkiller 4:30
November 10 5th-8th Away Briggs 4:30
November 14-18 7th-8th Away Peggs Tournament TBA
November 28-December 2 7th Away Stillwell Tournament TBA
December 6 5th-8th Away Norwood 4:30
December 8 5th-8th Away Shady Grove 4:30
December 13 7th-8th Home Leach 4:30
January 5 5th-8th  Home Peggs 4:30
January 9-13 5th-6th Away Peggs Tournament TBA
January 9-13 7th-8th Away  Rocky Mountain Tournament TBA
January 17 5th-8th Home Lowrey 4:30
January 19 7th-8th Home Woodall 5:00
January 23-27 7th-8th Lowrey C.C.A.A. Tournament TBA
February 4-7 7th-8th Away O.R.E.S. Reg. Tournament TBA
February 9-11 7th&8th Away O.R.E.S. Area Tournament TBA
February 16-18 7th-8th Away O.R.E.S State Tournament TBA
On dates where the 5th-8th play, the 7th-8th grade games will start about an hour and a half later than the time listed above.  Tournament brackets will be sent out soon as they are available.

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